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Colour Vision

  • Are you a pilot requiring guidance on colour vision requirements?

  • Worried about having to undergo a medical not knowing what is involved?

  • Will you meet the standards required for entry to the Fire Service, armed forces or even that boyhood dream of being a train driver?

  • Having trouble at school with confusing colours?

With a full range of tests available, why not have a pre-assessment in a relaxed environment – it might save you money or give you the confidence to succeed

Colour screening routinely undertaken for school and pre-school children with advice and guidance on career choices – available through the NHS for children under 16 years old.

  • Lantern Tests & Confusion Tests

  • Holmes Wright Lantern / Fletcher CAM Lantern / Giles Archer Lantern

  • Farnsworth D15 / HRR / Fletcher Hamblin

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Colour vision tester

Colour vision tester

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